Terms and Conditions of Service “talkappi”

Article 1.talkappi

“talkappi” (“Service”) is a system offered by Activalues Corporation (“Company”) which automatically answers questions from individuals who use this service (“Users”).

Article 2. Terms and Conditions

1.The User will be obliged to use the Service following the Terms and Conditions of talkappi (“Terms”). The terms apply to all matters considering the User and the Company’s use and management of the Service. The User shall agree to the Terms in order to use the Service.
2.The Company can modify the Terms. The latest Terms will be presented upon the Service or will be notified on the website. The User shall be deemed to have agreed to the modification of the Terms if they continue the use of the Service after the modification has been made.

Article 3. License

The Company allows the non-exclusive use of the Service to their Users. However, this license does not include copyright, patent right or any other intellectual property rights to the Users.

Article 4. The intellectual property right of the Service

All rights related to the Service including ownership is completely owned by the providers and developers or any other rightful persons identified in the Service.

Article 5. Modification in the system of the Service

If the Company determines that a modification in the system or content is necessary for the operation of the Service, the Company can make changes without notifying the Users in advance.

Article 6. Disclaimer

1.The Company does not insure the reliability of information given by the Service.
2. The Company can suspend or discontinue the management of the Service without notification if any of the following occurs. In these cases, the Company is not liable for the damages to the Users.
2.1 When a regular or urgent maintenance of the system of the Service is necessary
2.2 When providing the normal Service is difficult due to emergency such as war, riot, protests, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunami, fire, blackout, etc
2.3 When suspension is inevitable to avoid the damage to a third party or for other reasons
2.4 When the Company judges that the Service needs to be temporarily suspended for other reasons

Article 7. Protection of personal information

1.The Company shall protect any personal information given by the Users following the “Protection of personal information Policy” of the Company.
2.The Company shall not disclose personal information that the Company has gained from the Users through registration or the use of the Service to companies other than cooperating companies which have signed the non-disclosure agreement or companies using the Service. However, the Company may disclose personal information in the following cases;
2.1 When the User has agreed to the disclosure of personal information
2.2 When ordered by laws or ordinances
2.3 When the Company discloses the statistical personal information collected to analyze the usage of the Service (information unable to identify individuals)
2.4 When the Users uses services provided by the Company other than talkappi, personal information may be used. In this case, the Company uses personal information in accordance with “Protection of personal information Policy” of the Company.

Article 8. Exclusion of antisocial forces

1.Users shall not currently or in the future, be a part of antisocial forces ( an organized crime group, a member of an organized crime group or any other individuals equivalent to persons above) or have any connections with such organizations.
2.The Users represents and warrants that they do not conduct or use third parties to conduct a demand with violence, an unreasonable demand beyond its legal entitlement, use intimidating words or actions, damage the credit or obstruct the business of the other party or any other equivalent actions of above.

Article 9. Compensations for damages

If the User violates the Terms, misuses or illegally uses the Service and damages the company in any way, the Company may claim compensations for the damages (including attorney’s fee).

Article 10. Jurisdiction

Any disputes arising between the Company and the User should be resolved between the parties in good faith.
In the event that the Company and the User are unable to solve the dispute, it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court in the first instance depending on the jurisdictional amount.

Article 11.Governing law

The establishment, efficacy, fulfillment, and interpretation of the Terms and Conditions is governed by the Japanese law.

Article 12

This Term is effective starting from November 30, 2017.

Enactment November 30, 2017
Revision June 17, 2018